Speedy Databases, Upkeep & Management

Speedy Databases, Upkeep & Management

We deliver innovative support, managed services & consulting for SQL Server and Multi-Cloud technology. We pride ourselves on employing world-class technologists, using best practice methodology and delivering services both on spec and on budget.

Our client base includes start-ups, mid-market growth organisations and large enterprises; our forte is mission-critical database architectures.

Case Studies

Lead Time Reduction

Chemical Manufacturing

Online Sales and ECommerce

Kitchen Management

Travel and Tourism End to End Portals

FinTech (FactSheets & FundSheets Auto Generation)

Air Transport and Charters Management

Accounting and Poka Yoke Alerts

Custom Project Management Tool for BlockChain Development

Automated Testing and Evaluation in Psychology and Medicine

Hotel Trading

Car Rentals Management

Visa Processing

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